Klaudia RAFAEL, PhD.


Telephone number: +421949139369

She studied in University Comenius in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Her field of study in Bachelor’s and Master`s degrees was Sport and Health and Physical Education teaching and in the PhD`s study, the major was Sport Humanistics. During studies, she has had the interest in physical education, physical activity and lifestyle of children and youth, motivation in exercise and body image of sport/non sport in adolescents, women and men. Number of publications are conducted in these areas. She previously worked as the Post-doctoral Fellow for the project of Living in Motion 1-2-3, at University of Macao, Macao SAR, China. Her works covered studies of Quality Physical Education, theories and didactics of Sport for All, organized and unorganized physical activity for children and adolescent, their health and fitness status. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her interests are physical activity in general and its relation to physical, mental, and social health among children, adults, and elderly, statistical analysis of data in field of sport, physical education as school subject, especially its quality, nutrition, and healthy active lifestyle. She is one of the core members in project entitled Global Index of Quality Physical Education, what is operating internationally, and numbers of related publications are either published or in process. And she is serving as vice-president of ISCPES (2021 – 2023). She has rich practical experiences with training of children since she has been and still is a coach for swimming and general sports of children and youth.