Klaudia RAFAEL


Telephone number: +853 63017048

I had my studies in University Comenius in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, with my studies of Bachelor and Master`s degrees in Sport, Health and Physical Education, and in the PhD study to be major in Sport Humanistic Studies. During my studies, I have developed my interest in physical education, physical activity, and active lifestyle development of children, youth and the motivational study of exercise and body image of sport/non sport in adolescents and adults. For three years I worked as the Post- doctoral Fellow in the University of Macao, Macao SAR and I worked on most of the analytical and statistical works for the project of Living in Motion 1-2-3 and the ISCPES project of Quality Physical Education. I have a number of academic works on Quality Physical Education, the theories and didactic studies of Sport for All, organized and unorganized physical activity and cross-cultural study of health and fitness status in children. My recent publications focus on these areas and a number of works are in progress with the attention on project of quality improvement of physical education. Last two years I have worked as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. I also serve as research associate in a project entitled ‘Internstionsl study of Quality Physical Education’ which is now operating at the international level and a number of related publications are either published or in process. I am native speaker of Slovak language, I can speak English fluently, and I am actively learning portuguese. In ISCPES I hold the position of “research coordinator”.