Presidency exceptional proposal to the Executive Board

Considering the exceptional and difficult period ISCPES is crossing through, I hereby signed propose to the Executive Board the following decision:

Due to difficulties in following the Constitutional rules for elections, and the need to proceed with the Board of the Comparative society – ISCPES – the existent Executive Board will allow every registered and paid ISCPES member (until July 31rst) to be nominated and vote on the next elections occurring on the Biannual Conference to be held on December, 17th, 2021.

Nomination for President with a 4-year term, 2021-2025.

Other nominations with a 2-year term, 2021-2023.

This exceptional extension for membership payment will be valid till July, 31th, 2021

The deadline for nomination procedure will be August

During August 2021 it will be available the Application Form. The call for nomination will be sent to all members by late July.

Approved by unanimity