Quarterly News 01-07-2010 - ISCPES Conference Information

1. ISCPES Conference Information:
1. 1 2010 – 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2010 (6-8 June Nairobi, Kenya)
The 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2010 was successfully held in Nairobi, Kenya on 6th to 8th June 2010. About 110 participants coming from 23 countries jointed the event. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Kenyatta University and the kind work of the LOC team. For enquiry of the conference matter, please do not hesitate to write to Prof. Mwangi Peter Wanderi at the address of info.iscpes2010@ku.ac.ke.

The Executive Board of ISCPES would like to publish the conference papers and the book title is temporary set on “Sport for Peace”. The purpose is to promote new thoughts and innovative ideas on sport as a global activity to promote understanding and collaboration. Kindly send your papers on or before 30the September 2010 to the President Office of ISCPES for reviewing. Please find submission guidelines from Appendix. Please also note that blind review will be applied. Conference participants will have the first priority for publication if the paper is found suitable and recommended by the reviewing committee.

Address for Paper Submission:
» ISCPES office
» J508, Faculty of Education
» University of Macau
» Av. Padre Tomas Pereira
» Taipa, Macau, China.

1.2 2011 – ISCPES Regional Conference (Shanghai, China) (8-11 June 2011)
The World Conference on Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES regional conference) in Shanghai is a joint project between East China Normal University, West Virginia University and the Comparative Society. Prof. Liu JI of East China Normal University is invited to serve as Chair and assisted by Prof. Xioazan WANG and Prof. Lynn HOUSNER. Abstract submission is now open. Please find information from following.
ISCPES Regional Conference 2011

 Title World Conference on Physical Education and Sport: Challenges and Future Directions
 Venue East China Normal University
 Date 8-11 June 2011
 Organizer East China Normal University and West Virginia University
 Conference Details Please visit the conference web for details of registration and schedules of abstract submission
 Contact Tel: +86-021-54345076 Fax: +86-021-54345431
 Dr. Xioazan Wang (Email: xiaozanwangecnu@126.com)
 Dr. Lynn Housner (E-mail: lhousner@mail.wvu.edu)
 Office E-address: iscpes2011@163.com
 Conference Web: www.iscpes.ecnu.edu.cn

Conference in 2013 and 2014
Conference bids were received for regional conference in 2013 and biennial conference in 2014. Tianjin University of Sport (China) has indicated their interests to host the ISCPES regional conference in 2013 and Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism (Russia) expects to organize the 19th Biennial Conference of ISCPES in 2014, Moscow. The Executive Board of ISCPES has already agreed with the conference schedule and information will be announced very soon.

2. ISCPES Executive Board
2.1 New ISCPES Executive Board from June 2010 to May 2012
According to the ISCPES constitution, all officers shall be elected biennially by members. A new team was selected by members on 8th June 2010 at Nairobi, Kenya during the General Assembly. I would like to call members’ kind attention and give advise at anytime to the Board so that we can serve you and the Society with the best quality. The Executive Board composes members of Officious and Ex-officious with names as follow.

Officio Members

 No. Name Position Institute
 1. Dr. Walter King Yan HO President University of Macau
 2. Prof. Rosa de D’Amico Vice-President Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador
 3. Prof. Liu JI Secretary East China Normal University
 4. Prof. Abel Toriola Treasurer Tshwante University of Technology
 5. Prof. L. O. Amusa Regional Coordinator University of Venda for Science and Technology
 6. Dr. Martin Holzweg Research and Publication Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
 7. Prof. Lynn Housner Membership Coordinator West Virginia University

Ex-officio Members

 No. Name Position Institute
 1. Prof. Darwin Semotiuk Past-President University of Western Ontario
 2. Dr, Robert Bob Chappel ISS Chief Editor Brunel University
 3. Prof. Mwangi Peter Wanderi LOC Chair – 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES (2010) Kenyatta University
 4. Prof.Jia-xin Yao (Tianjin University of Sport LOC Chair – ISCPES Regional Conference (2013) Tianjin University of Sport
 5. Prof. Victor M. Ishchenko LOC Chair – 19th Biennial Conference of ISCPES (2014) Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism

2,2 On-Line Membership Registration, Membership and General Enquiry
As the new Executive Board requires time to re-develop the ISCPES official web and the on-line payment system, the on-line membership registration has to close temporary. Further notice will be announced immediately when the official web is ready for use. Please do not send any membership registration fee to Dr. Richard Baka and Prof. Scott Martyn as they are no longer serving at the Executive Board. Please direct your enquiry to our new officer with following E-mail.

 General Enquiry: Dr. Walter King Yan Ho (walterkyho@yahoo.com)
 Membership: Prof. Lynn Housner (lhousner@mail.wvu.edu)
 Financial Matter: Prof. Abel Toriola (toriolaal@tut.ac.za)
 Chief Editor – International Sport Studies: Prof. Robert Bob Chappell (chappellbob@yahoo.co.uk)
 2011 ISCPES Regional Conference: Dr. Xioazan Wang (xiaozanwangecnu@126.com) &
 Dr. Lynn Housner (lhousner@mail.wvu.edu)

I would like to use this opportunity to thanks for the kind works of Prof. Herbert Haag and Prof. Rebeca Oropeza. Without their help on the nomination committee, there is no possibility to complete the nomination. Special thanks need to go to Dr. Antony Church, Dr. Richard Baka and Prof. Scott Martyn for their past services at the Executive Board.

3. ISCPES Publication
3.1 ISCPES Book Series 2010
ISCPES expects to publish three Book Series in 2010. The Volume 1 and 2 had just completed in June with book titles as listed below. The volume 3 will be in Chinese and expects to complete in July 2010. Meyer & Meyer Sport is invited to serves as the publishing and delivering house for the book series. Free copies were delivered at the 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES in Nairobi, Kenya to participants. The President office will coordinate the mailing of these two volumes to ISCPES members and 2008 Biennial Conference participants in mid-July. For those participants of 16th Biennial Conference of ISCPES in 2008, Macau, kindly let us know if there is any change of mailing address.
ISCPES Book Series 2010 Volume 1: Global Perception: Globalization, Sport Management and Traditions
ISCPES Book Series 2010 Volume 2: Global Perception: Sport Education, Teaching of PE and Curriculum Studies
I would like to use this opportunity to thanks for the kind work of Prof. Hai Ren and the contribution of reviewing members in the publication.

3.2 Publication Schedules and Themes
The Executive Board has identified a series of publication themes from 2011 to 2014. Please find the following for your information and preparation. Announcement will make very soon in order to invite paper submission for this book series.

Suggested Themes for Publication from 2011 to 2014
2011 – Sport for Peace,
2011 – Traditional Dance and sport (Expect to be make preparation in 2011 and finish in 2013),
2012 – Teaching of Physical Education – A Global Perspective
2013 – Active Living and School Health & Fitness Projects
2014 – Youth Sport Education
Members please note as well that the Executive Board had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wilfried Lemke, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace during the conference period of 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES. A number of issues were discussed and that include research and backup projects. The information will be further discussed and have it send to members in due course.

3.3 International Sport Studies (ISS)
I would like to make use of this opportunity to apologize for the late publication of the Society’s Journal; International Sport Studies in the past few years to members. Dr. Robert Bob Chappell is now appointed as the ISS Chief Editor to replace Prof. Scott Martyn with immediate effect from June 2010 to May 2012. As the board is just newly formed, it requests time to rebuild the structure. The Executive Board expects to give announcement on paper submission for ISS in July.

4. Regional Forums
To coordinate the regional works in the development of physical education and sports, the Society expects to work with ICSSPE and ICSP to organize different regional forms in Africa, Asia and South America so as to highlight the discussion on various issues that cover the followings. 

1. Quality Physical Education
2. Active Living and Sport for All for Health and Wellness
3. Profession Development of Sport Teaching and Physical Education
4. Better life and Equality in Sport Development (Gender Issues and Sport for Disabilities)
5. Traditional Sport and Preservation

4.1 African Forum
The African Forum was conducted in Nairobi, Kenya on 7th June 2010 during the 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Abel Toriola, Prof. L.O. Amusa, Prof. Lynn Housner, Prof. Rosa de D’Amico, Prof. Rebeca Oropeza, Prof. Keh Nyit-chin, Prof. Cheung Siu-yin and Dr. Elena Komova to chair, provide briefing to participants and leading the discussion. A list of suggestions and action plans are formulated. Report will be submitted to ICSP annual meeting in July 2010, Havana, Cuba. The Board will make further suggestions on different items and report to members in due course.

Quarterly News # 3/2010
Prepared by Dr. Walter Ho (President ISCPES)