Quarterly News 15-02-2010 - 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2010 (6-8 June Nairobi, Kenya)

Dear ISCPES Members and Friends,
The Executive Board would like to forward the following information for your attention.

1. ISCPES Conference Information:
2010 – 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2010 (6-8 June Nairobi, Kenya)

The 17th Biennial Conference for ISCPES in 2010 was awarded to Kenyatta University, Kenya and Prof. Mwangi Peter Wanderi serves as Chair of the Organizing Committee. The Conference Date is set on 6th to 8th June 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya with the conference theme “Physical Education and Sport for Global Peace and Development”. The Organizing Committee would like to inform all members and friends that the deadline for abstract submission now extends to 31 March 2010. Most of the ISCPES members will be housed in the campus of Kenyatta University. Please note the following important dates and do not miss the chance to taste the African culture.

Important Dates:

 1. 31 March 2010 Final call for abstracts and poster submission
 Final submission of paper for scholarship application
 2. 15 April 2010 Notification of Acceptance
 2. 30 April 2010 Close of Registration
 3. 6-8 June 2010 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2010

1. Address: 17th Biennial ISCPES (2010) Secretariat, Kenyatta University, PO BOX 43844 -00100 Nairobi, Kenya
2. Fax: +254 – 20811575
3. Telephone : +254 –020 8710901 –12 ext. 57309/57209
4. Contact Person: Dr. Mwangi Peter Wanderi; Mobile:
5. Web Contacts:
  e-mail: info.iscpes2010@ku.ac.ke   Web site: www.ku.ac.ue/conference

2011 – ISCPES Regional Conference 2011 (Shanghai, China)
The World Conference on Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES regional conference) in Shanghai is a joint project between East China Normal University, West Virginia University and the Comparative Society. Prof. Liu Ji of East China Normal University is invited to serve as Chair and assisted by Prof. Xioazan Wang and Prof. Lynn Housner. Site visit was conducted in August 2009. The venue in Shanghai provides the best and perfect site for academic exchange. Participants can find suitable and comfortable accommodation at campus hotel or student quarters. Early June 2011 is the suggested date for the conference. The Conference is set with following tentative details for your information.

ISCPES Regional Conference 2011 (Tentative Information)

 Title World Conference on Physical Education and Sport: Challenges and Future Directions
 Venue East China Normal University
 Date 1-4 June 2011 (Tentative)
 Organizer East China Normal University and West Virginia University
 Conference Details To be announced in June 2010
 Contact Dr. Xioazan Wang (Email: xiaozanwangecnu@126.com)
 Dr. Lynn Housner (E-mail: lhousner@mail.wvu.edu)

2012, 2013 AND 2014
Conference bids were received for biennial conference in 2012 and 2014 and regional conference in 2013. INDER (Cuba), Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism (Russia) and Tianjin University of Sport (China) have indicated their interests to host ISCPES conference. Information will be announced in June 2010 after the Nairobi meeting.

2. Research, Publication and Developmental Projects
The Executive Board expects to monitor a number of cross-countries or regions research projects in physical and sport education to enrich the comparative field in PE and sport. Special attention is now placed on teaching of physical education and health projects at school. These projects will be discussed in June, at the Nairobi meeting. Details will be informed via Quarterly News to members and friends in due course. If you are interested in these activities, please write and inform Dr. Martin Holzweg at martin.holzweg@spowi.hu-berlin.de.

The Conference Organizer of 16th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2008 is now working for the conference proceeding. About 70 papers were received and applied for publication. The reviewing process and editing works has been completed. The office is now making the final process for printing. For information of the publication and progress of works, please send enquiry to Dr. Walter Ho at walterho@umac.mo.

ICSSPE and ISCPES Representation
Dr. Walter Ho serves as Vice President in education at ICSSPE,
Prof. Rosa D’Amico is the chair at ICSP
Prof. Herbert Haag serves as Speaker at the Association Board. 
Dr. Martin Holzweg serves as ISCPES as member at the ICSP.
Prof. Rosa D’Amico and Prof. Abel Toriola are members at Editorial Board.

4. Executive Board – Election

According to the ISCPES constitution, all officers shall be elected biennially by members. Six people shall be elected and form the new Executive Board from 2010 to 2012. A Nominating Committee headed by Prof. Herbert Haag and assisted by Prof. Oropeza Rebeca is recommended. The committee will make quick announcement regarding to the election procedures and inform members about the biennial election as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact them for information via following mails (“Herbert Haag” <sportpaed@email.uni-kiel.de>, “Rebeca Oropeza” <fantasienve@yahoo.ca>).</fantasienve@yahoo.ca></sportpaed@email.uni-kiel.de>

Quarterly News #1 2010
Prepared by Dr. Walter Ho (President ISCPES)